Guidelines for Club Operations Under COVID-19

Thess pages seek to advise anyone and everyone involved with Crewe Town FC how the club must conduct training and matches to ensure we stay within the Cheshire FA guidelines and keep everyone safe during COVID-19.

Following on from Cheshire FA’s latest announcement, please see the above link, we can now recommence training in groups of 30, including coaches.

By reading this document and bringing your child/children to training or a match and by filling in our Members Consent Form online, you are consenting for your child to take part and you are comfortable with Crewe Town FC Covid-19 planning arrangements.

Strict guidance remains in place, in order to ensure your child/children are safe whilst undertaking training with Crewe Town FC.  The below guidance MUST be adhered too, as well as our internal procedures:

  • All Managers and Coaches hold a valid and current CRC (Criminal Record Check) and have undertaken other necessary training. There will be a minimum of one First Aider at every training session.  Parent helpers or other volunteers are not permitted to assist until they have undergone the necessary CRC check and safeguarding training.
  • Until 31st July competitive training and match play can take place for all participants in an outdoor setting in groups of no more than 30 (including managers and coaches). From 1st August competitive matches can begin.
  • In line with current government guidance, all participants (players, coaches, club officials, match officials and spectators) should check for symptoms of Covid-19. If an individual is symptomatic and/or living in a household with a possible Covid-19 infection they should remain at home and follow current government guidance.  In addition, any participants who have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace because they are a contact of a known Covid-19 case, must not exercise outside their home or garden or with others.
  • Crewe Town FC support the NHS Test and Trace efforts and has partnered up with TEAMO, a contactless QR based check in system which will operate at all our training venues. This information will be held for a minimum of 21 days in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and in line with GDPR principles. Failure to use this system will prevent your child/children from attending future training sessions.
  • All participants and other attendees should follow best practice for travel, including minimising use of public transport. Participants should walk or cycle if possible.  People from a household or support bubble can travel together in a vehicle.
  • Toilets are available at our training venues, but only one in one out basis.
  • Please ensure your child brings a named water bottle and they do not share with anyone else, under any circumstance. Once at training they will be designated a coloured cone to place there water bottle on.
  • Each manager has been provided with hand sanitizer and other COVID 19 essentials in a drawstring bag. Players, Managers and Coaches MUST sanitize their hands before, during (break in play) and after the training session and/or match.
  • In all settings before and after, and in any breaks, all participants should practice social distancing in line with the government guidelines. Our venues will continue to operate staggered times as agreed by The Club Committee.
  • Sharing of equipment must be avoided where possible. Children, where possible, should not touch equipment.
  • During training and matches when the ball goes out of play, it should not be retrieved by spectators. Where possible, players and/or managers should retrieve the ball using feet and not hands.  Balls should be disinfected as often as possible when the ball has been handled.
  • All players MUST refrain from spitting.
  • In the unlikely event your child gets injured during the session or match First Aiders will be equipped with disposable gloves and a surgical mask to protect themselves and others. After contact with an injured participant, the person who has administered first aid should use the hand sanitizer provided.
  • Spectators should remain socially distanced whilst attending training sessions (on grassed areas only) and/or matches. Groups must be restricted to six-person gathering limits.
  • When leaving training sessions and/or matches, please depart as swiftly as possible using the One way system set in place at our training venues and Crewe Town Football Club. Please see attached visualisation.
  • Officer from Crewe Town FC may be present, monitoring sessions and providing advice if needed, they will also be ensuring that all guidelines are being adhered too.
  • Should participants and spectators not follow this guidance, then we may have to cancel the session immediately or ask spectators to leave the venue.

You may already be aware that the period of isolation may have resulted in your child becoming anxious or unsure as to whether to resume football.  Please only support their return to football when they feel confident to do so.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Child Welfare Officers on the following numbers or email address –

John Edge (Covid Officer) – 07710960598

Emma MacDonald (Welfare Officer) – 07990663488

Debbie Edge (Asst Covid Officer) – 07845192451

We are sure you and your child/children will be looking forward to the season ahead as much as we all are at Crewe Town FC!