My name is Anne Marie Vodrey and I am the Manager of our new U7’s “The Panda’s” with Nathan Hughes as my Assistant.
I am married to Mark Vodrey (Vice Chairman, Committee Member and U9’s Manager) and have two children Jake and Ellie-mae. I am also a Committee Member and the Clubs Treasurer. Having watched my son this year playing made me realise I wanted to do more within the Club. When both my husband and Chairman Mark Owen mentioned they were setting up a new U7’s team and would I want to manage it, I did at first have slight reservations, but then that was quickly put to one side after spending time coaching the Crewe Town FC Tots. I excitedly accepted as long as I could do it alongside our Head Coach Nathan Hughes.
I have been with this Club from virtually day one and I have watched it grow massively in 14 months, the vision of this Club makes it feel like we are doing something rewarding and worthwhile for every player that joins this great Club. I am looking forward to building a team that will not only enjoy playing football with smiles every week but will also feel part of a team. I am looking forward to my new chapter in my life as Manager and Mentor to young players. #ctfc#theyellowarmy

My name is Steve McGowan and I am married to Vicki and have two children. My Career with Crewe Town FC started with the U9’s helping Paulo Pinto and when the opportunity arose for me to Manage my own U8’s Team, it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. My desire has always been to see kids having fun and by playing football that desire can be fulfilled. I decided to pursue my Coaching career because I wanted to help make a change to a child’s world and to improve a community by bringing it together through sport and hopefully to give people involved something good to talk about. I wanted to apply my knowledge of football and coaching whilst been a good role model for them and future coaches. To help myself also in terms of self confidence whilst giving something back to a sport that I love. It’s vital that kids and adults find enjoyment in football, and I wanted to be the coach that built a child’s character within the game and to give parents the opportunity to see their child integrate themselves into a team and become a team player, but also in this crazy busy life, carve out something cool. When its raining, cold or windy, I want that child to really try their best and for me to say well done nice try and see their face when they are praised. It’s a great feeling seeing a child reach a potential they never thought they would reach, to pick them up when they feel knocked down and to show them something they never thought they could do. Been a Coach has allowed me to face my fears such as public speaking and been part of Crewe Town FC has really helped me because the Club has a real family feel to it. Also been part of a profession that as been around a long time and to see that profession enter a new era with new talent is a great feeling. To teach the kids to lose with grace, to win with humility, but to compete with honour and to value, cherish and respect wins and to be called Coach.

My name is Josh Challinor and currently I work for the NHS within the Occupational Therapy Department and have three children. I am now the Head Coach for the Crewe Town FC Tots. I joined Crewe Town Football Club because my son has reached an age where he wanted to play football and develop his knowledge of the game and I wanted to be a part of that, and so when Mark Owen offered me the opportunity of been the U8’s Assistant Manager I gladly accepted. I myself have been playing football since I was 8 and my preferred position is Goalkeeper, it all started at a local Sunday League side with my friends and we played together till we were 14 years old, I then went on to play for Nantwich Town until I was 16, and onto Lincoln where I played semi pro for Lincoln Moorlands for the summer before returning home. I play Sunday League football now and recently joined “The Jaguars” Managers side. I am looking forward to working alongside Steve who like me has a passion for football and he is a guy who I have played alongside for many years and I am hoping together we can build a team to be successful for years to come. Crewe Town Football Club is a great club with a fantastic family ethos that I am very proud to be a part of, The Yellow Army is where my heart lies now.

Mark Vodrey
U9’s Manager
Tel: 07484289678

My name is Mark Vodrey, I am married to Anne-Marie (Our Club Treasurer) with two children Jake and Ellie-mae and I manage the U9’s otherwise known as “The Lions”, I am also the Vice Chairman. I work for Crewe B&Q as an Expert Plumber. I started my Coaching career with Crewe Town FC in June 2018, my wife is a Committee member and the U7’s Manager. I offered to help out with the Mini Kickers, I coached them for a few weeks then an opportunity arose where a vacancy came up to manage the U8s, it was an opportunity I grabbed with both hands, I’ve always enjoyed football and I am a diehard Man Utd fan so to be able to coach a side that has so much potential was too good to turn down. Been a Manager is the most satisfying job I can honestly say I have had, win draw or lose, the smiles you get when the players come off the pitch after a match is the best tonic in life! I never thought that 12 months ago I would be devoting all my spare time with a football Club, I know I’ll be doing the same for the next 12 months and more. Jake my Son is also in my team which makes it extra special seeing him progress week in week out, I have two fantastic Coaches in Chris (my brother in law) and Gary and its great that we all share the same philosophy. Crewe Town FC is family friendly, fantastic environment to work within, and other than my personal family, I have also a great Football Family, Onwards and Upwards “The Yellow Army!” You can read my Personal Coaching Philosophy here.

My name is Christopher Lloyd. I am in full time employment as a Wireman. I am engaged to Jess and soon to be married. I started my hobby playing football when I was about 8 years old after I attended a weekend open day at Crewe and Nantwich Football Club, where at the end of it I received a trophy for been the best defender, I was hooked. I soon joined Rail Crewe Tigers as a Centre Back. I jointly Manage the Men’s Team The Jaguars. I joined Crewe Town FC initially because my nephew Jake plays for the U9’s and I wanted to share my experience to help him progress with his football. Mark (my brother in law) then joined as Manager to make it a family side. Since been at this Club I’ve enjoyed helping the kids and to see their smiles when they progress with their football is great. I enjoy coaching them and seeing them take that into matches is fantastic to watch. Once you have joined “The Yellow Army” you won’t want to leave!

My name is Gary Hancock and I coach the U9’s. I am married with 2 children, Aiden my Son plays for the U9s. My Wife Theresa is a Committee Member and front of house Admin (and soon to be the new Welfare Officer). One of the main reasons I became a coach was for my son Aiden as I wanted to help him become a better football player, and as time has gone on, helping others reach their potential has been really inspiring. Helping the team progress week in, week out has been very rewarding and seeing the smiles on their faces after training and matches makes all the hard work worthwhile. Why did I choose Crewe Town FC, simple really, everyone at the Club is friendly, they have helped me settle in as a Coach and offered advice when needed. I will be shortly attending an FA Accredited Goalkeeping Course so I can be the Clubs Goalkeeper Coach. It feels like one big happy family and I know in the future there is bigger and better things to come from Crewe town FC, The Yellow Army!

My name is Paulo Pinto an I am the U10’s Manager otherwise known as “The Dragons”. I am engaged to Sandra with two children one of whom plays for Crewe Town FC. I volunteered to become a Football Manager because of my passion to Football, Since an early age I was interested in Football but unfortunately my playing career never really took off. To me this sport is the best ever invented because it brings so many people of all ages, ability and walks of life together. To be managing my own Football side is the best thing to happen to me, I currently work full time for Bargain Booze but given the opportunity I would Coach full time such is my passion. I was very happy to be chosen to be a part of this great Football Club where all children get the chance to enjoy football, learn new skills, gain confidence within a team environment, build their strength and improve their performance. I am very proud to be a Manager at Crewe Town FC, a club with family at its heart, allowing children the opportunity to pursue their dreams of becoming a footballer. I recently became a L1 FA Accredited Coach. Thankyou for giving me the opportunity to be a part of that.

My name is Jeff Power and I am the Asst Manager of the U10’s team working with Paulo Pinto. I also gladly accepted the offer to join the Committee of the Club. I am married to Marina and we have two children Alfie and Archie who both play for the Club. I work for a firm who provide billing software to the telecoms industry, as Head of Service Delivery. This means I am responsible for the levels of customer service or corporate clients receive. Football has always played a big part in my life/family and I played as soon as I could walk. It didn’t matter that I was not good enough to play professionally because I played for enjoyment, along with a desire to improve myself and still do. Through this passion I have made life long friends, over come confidence issues when I was younger, kept fit, bonded with my father, understood team work, the at of compromise, when to push hard and seen rewards pay off. I hope that my children and others at this club get as much out of the game as I did. I joined Pintos team because I wanted to help kids build their confidence, encourage them to take chances and not worry about making mistakes. I want them to see football as a sport where you win and lose together and its not all about the individual. Everyone plays their part, has different responsibilities and enjoys it. I am very proud to be a part of this club and appreciate the responsibility that comes with it, I hope in a small way I can help.

Rich Douglas
U10’s Manager
Tel: 07809591905

My name is Rich Douglas and I am the U10s Manager, otherwise kn own as “The Terriers”. I am married to Jenny and we have two children William and Penny who are both football mad! I have been helping run the Terriers for the last two seasons under Primary Stars and really enjoyed it. Due to us wanting to grow as a team and further my coaching abilities, I approached Crewe Town FC and asked if we could join them, both Mark Owen and Mark Vodrey readily agreed! This is a wonderful club and already we feel part of the family that is Crewe Town FC. there is a great team spirit within the club and I am looking forward to been a part of it and watching it expand and grow even more. I myself have played football all my life and will encourage others to do so…it’s not about what level you play at, it’s about playing with a smile on your face. My Son William, nephew Nicky and all the other lads in The Terriers are really close friends and so have a fantastic bond and the whole team is enjoying the values of team work, loyalty and respect. The future is The Yellow Army!!

Hi, My name is Dean Hughes and I am the Assistant Manager to The U10’s “The Terriers”.

Dean Hughes
U10’s Asst Manager
Tel: 07830604512

My name is Nathan Hughes and I am the Asst Manager of the U7’s otherwise known as “The Pandas”. My love of football started at an early age. Whilst at College I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my life until I enrolled on a FA Level 1 Coaching course, and after studying Football Coaching/Management at Bucks New University and Sports Performance at Reaseheath College I was able to become a Sports coach at Sportscape. I am now Lead Coach at We Make Footballers. I enjoy seeing the improvement in young footballers through my coaching, 6 years since I started my education in Football and I am still enjoying every minute of it! I became involved with Crewe Town FC because I knew Mark Owen through a family member, and heard he was setting up a local club in the area. I had never coached a team myself in my own right and it was an opportunity I felt I couldn’t turn down. Coaching for Crewe Town FC is special because it feels like one big happy family, if someone needs advice or a helping hand we are there for each other, that is what makes this Football Club so special The Yellow Army!