Paulo Pinto U11’s Dragons Manager
Tel: 07803523411


My name is Paulo Pinto an I am the U11’s Manager otherwise known as “The Dragons”. I am engaged to Sandra with two children one of whom plays for Crewe Town FC. I volunteered to become a Football Manager because of my passion to Football, Since an early age I was interested in Football but unfortunately my playing career never really took off. To me this sport is the best ever invented because it brings so many people of all ages, ability and walks of life together. To be managing my own Football side is the best thing to happen to me, I currently work full time for Bargain Booze but given the opportunity I would Coach full time such is my passion. I was very happy to be chosen to be a part of this great Football Club where all children get the chance to enjoy football, learn new skills, gain confidence within a team environment, build their strength and improve their performance. I am very proud to be a Manager at Crewe Town FC, a club with family at its heart, allowing children the opportunity to pursue their dreams of becoming a footballer. I recently became a L1 FA Accredited Coach. Thankyou for giving me the opportunity to be a part of that.

Jeff Power U11’s Dragons Assistant Manager
Tel: 07595367606


My name is Jeff Power and I am the Asst Manager of the U11’s team working with Paulo Pinto. I also gladly accepted the offer to join the Committee of the Club and I am the Team Liason that gives a voice from the parents to the Committee.  I am married to Marina and we have two children Alfie and Archie who both play for the Club. I work for a firm who provide billing software to the telecoms industry, as Head of Service Delivery. This means I am responsible for the levels of customer service or corporate clients receive. Football has always played a big part in my life/family and I played as soon as I could walk. It didn’t matter that I was not good enough to play professionally because I played for enjoyment, along with a desire to improve myself and still do. Through this passion I have made life long friends, over come confidence issues when I was younger, kept fit, bonded with my father, understood team work, the at of compromise, when to push hard and seen rewards pay off. I hope that my children and others at this club get as much out of the game as I did. I joined Pintos team because I wanted to help kids build their confidence, encourage them to take chances and not worry about making mistakes. I want them to see football as a sport where you win and lose together and its not all about the individual. Everyone plays their part, has different responsibilities and enjoys it. I am very proud to be a part of this club and appreciate the responsibility that comes with it, I hope in a small way I can help.

Rich Douglas U11’s Terriers Manager
Tel: 07809591905


My name is Rich Douglas and I am the U11’s Manager, otherwise kn own as “The Terriers”. I am married to Jenny and we have two children William and Penny who are both football mad! I have been helping run the Terriers for the last two seasons under Primary Stars and really enjoyed it. Due to us wanting to grow as a team and further my coaching abilities, I approached Crewe Town FC and asked if we could join them, both Mark Owen and Mark Vodrey readily agreed! This is a wonderful club and already we feel part of the family that is Crewe Town FC. there is a great team spirit within the club and I am looking forward to been a part of it and watching it expand and grow even more. I myself have played football all my life and will encourage others to do so…it’s not about what level you play at, it’s about playing with a smile on your face. My Son William, nephew Nicky and all the other lads in The Terriers are really close friends and so have a fantastic bond and the whole team is enjoying the values of team work, loyalty and respect. The future is The Yellow Army!!  I gained my FA L1 Coaching Award this year and am looking forward to taking that experience further when coaching the Terriers.

Dean Hughes U11’s Terriers Asst ManagerTel: 07830604512


I am Dean Hughes, I am married to Sarah and we have three amazing boys who are all football mad like their Dad!  My middle boy James plays for The Terriers in goal.  My youngest boy now plays for the Ninjas and enjoys been part of the Crewe Town FC family.  I am the Assistant Manager of the Terriers and I feel very priveleged to coach this amazing team of young talented hard working players who are always eager to learn every week.  I was asked by Mark Owen to also take up the Goalkeeping Coaching position which I gladly accepted and have been doing so for the last 6 months.  I have always been involved in football from playing and now coaching and its a passion that won’t go away.  Joining Crewe Town FC last year was the best move we made as a team because we have been made to feel very welcome and the feeling around the Club is always positive and that’s down to the hard working Committee.




Gary Louth U11’s Allstars Manager
Tel: 07747010791


Hi, my name is Gary Louth and I am the Manager of Crewe Town FC U11’s Allstars.  I have been married for 10 years but been with my partner for 23 years.  I went to Beechwood Primary School in Crewe as a lad.  I have a large family of six children…every one of them have different personalities and I love been a Dad to them all.  I started coaching in 2019 but have been with Crewe Allstars since 2018.  I have always been a football fan and have supported Liverpool since as long as I can remember.  My other hobbies as well as football include fishing which I find really calming and allows me to think and relax and spending quality time with my family.  It has been a great journey with Crewe Allstars and I am sure the move to Crewe Town FC will bring greater stability and structure and much needed help and I am sure we will grow within the grassroots football structure and I am looking forward to been a part of that journey.

Andrew Siddall U11’s Allstars Assistant Manager
Tel: 07868375539


Hi, my name is Andrew Siddall and I work at Bentley Motors in Crewe. I have three children and I am engaged to Kelly Dixon. I am the current Crewe Town FC Allstars Assistant Manager. I started coaching with Crewe Allstars in 2017 as my Son Logan plays for them. In the season 2018/19 I also started coaching at Crewe Alex FC which I absolutely love. I am now joining the The Yellow Army, Crewe Town FC but due to current restrictions in the country I have yet to get my Coaching gloves on but once it does I can’t wait. My hobbies are obviously football and my favourite team is Manchester United, but been a Crewe lad I do have a soft spot for Crewe Alex. I like to get down the Gym as much as possible and teaching young athletic kids….you have to be in good shape!  I love motorsport in particular Bangor Car Racing, and have done since I was a little kid, I loved watching them at Crewe Raceway in the years before the Retail Park. I am an avid F1 fan too and watch that as much as I can. I have hada great journey with Crewe Allstars and I am looking forward to the next part of my journey with Crewe Town FC a Club with a great family traditions and feelings.

Jamie Blacklock U11’s Allstars Coach
Tel: 07803329565


Hi, my name is Jamie Blacklock and I work at Jewsons as Branch Manager in Crewe.  I have been with my partner for 18 years and we have 3 children.  I am the current Coach of Crewe Town FC Allstars alongside Andy, Gary and Andy.  I started Coaching football in 2016 and soon gained FA L1 Coaching in Football, I coached for two years with Crewe FC gaining experience and two years with Ruskin Park too.  I joined up with Crewe Allstars last year as my Son plays for them and it was a great opportunity to spend quality time seeing my Son develop as a footballer.  My hobbies include football and to be honest anything else sport related.  I support the red side of Manchester and have done since I was a child and living in Crewe I have a soft spot for Crewe Alex with them been my home team.  I like to partake in golf and snooker when I get the chance and love spending time with my family.  I am looking forward to the next venture of my Coaching career with Crewe Town FC and believe the structure they have in place will help all our teams achieve success for many years to come.

Andrew Dickinson U11s Coach Tel: 07713666273

Hi, my name is Andrew Dickinson, I am married to Emma and we have five children, two of whom play for the Allstars.  I work for Area Welding Services Ltd.  Buster and Eddie have played for Allstars for a full season and previously played for Willaston White Stars for 3 years.  I was the Assistant Manager/Coach there where I assisted my father in law.  I gained my L1 FA Coaching award whilst the boys were briefly at Cheshire Blades at ages four and five.  I have enjoyed seeing the boys progress in their footballing career and am looking forward to them progressing further with Crewe Town FC.  My hobbies include watching the boys play football and Crown Green Bowling which I also hold a Coaching Qualification in, and I play for two teams.  Moving to Crewe Town FC will see all our teams achieve their dreams and the support I have already received has been immense and I am looking forward to the new season starting.