Steven McGowan U9’s Tigers/Leopards Manager
Tel: 07999489330

My name is Steve McGowan and I am married to Vicki and have two children. My Career with Crewe Town FC started with the U9’s helping Paulo Pinto and when the opportunity arose for me to Manage my own Team, it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. My desire has always been to see kids having fun and by playing football that desire can be fulfilled. I decided to pursue my Coaching career because I wanted to help make a change to a child’s world and to improve a community by bringing it together through sport and hopefully to give people involved something good to talk about. I wanted to apply my knowledge of football and coaching whilst been a good role model for them and future coaches. To help myself also in terms of self confidence whilst giving something back to a sport that I love. It’s vital that kids and adults find enjoyment in football, and I wanted to be the coach that built a child’s character within the game and to give parents the opportunity to see their child integrate themselves into a team and become a team player, but also in this crazy busy life, carve out something cool. When its raining, cold or windy, I want that child to really try their best and for me to say well done nice try and see their face when they are praised. It’s a great feeling seeing a child reach a potential they never thought they would reach, to pick them up when they feel knocked down and to show them something they never thought they could do. Been a Coach has allowed me to face my fears such as public speaking and been part of Crewe Town FC has really helped me because the Club has a real family feel to it. Also been part of a profession that as been around a long time and to see that profession enter a new era with new talent is a great feeling. To teach the kids to lose with grace, to win with humility, but to compete with honour and to value, cherish and respect wins and to be called Coach.

Lee Morrey U9’s Tigers/Leopards Asst Manager
Tel: 07714774326

Hi, my name is Lee Morrey and currently I coach the U9’s Tigers and Leopards.  I own my Business as a Painter and Decorator.  I live with my partner Torie and Son Alfie.  Myself and my Son enjoy playing football and any chance we get we are out with a ball playing.  I have played football since I was kid and still play 3 times a week.  I was delighted to be given the chance to work alongside side Steve McGowan, the Manager of the U9’s as it was a great opportunity to pass on my football knowledge and experience to these young footballing stars of the future.  It is a great feeling been part of one happy family “The Yellow Army” and I look forward to many more years of happiness and success with them.






Andrew Dunning U9’s Allstars Manager Tel: 07967903356

Hi, my name is Andrew Dunning and I Manage the U9’s Allstars.  Myself and Mark Dunning created Crewe Allstars back in 2017 because of our love and passion for football.  As long as I can remember I have loved football and always hoped to be involved in the game in some capacity and Allstars achieved that dream for me.  In 2018 I qualified as a L1 FA Licenced Coach but unfortunately soon after a badly broken leg hampered my involvement in managing a team.  Over the last two years I have taken on the role of Vice Chairman and Treasurer with Allstars and helped out with coaching when I could.  Earlier this year after many constructive talks with Mark Owen and Mark Vodrey we decided to join Crewe Town Football Club.  Crewe Town FC is very family orientated and has a fantastic vision for the future which will help Allstars achieve their dreams, help with recruitment and allow us to grow with them.  It was too good an opportunity to turn down for us.  Next season I will be managing the U9’s which is my first step into management and I am both nervous and excited about the opportunity to help develop the players.  I have a great coaching unit helping out in Carl and Darren.  As for me and the team I support….Crewe Alexandra from a young age, like the Alex my footballing style will always be attack  minded and exciting football.  i’d rather us to lose 5-4 than win a match 1-0 and show our skills etc.  For me kids football isn’t just about winning, it is about learning and having fun with your mates out on the pitch.  I can’t wait to get started and finally be able to represent The Yellow Army.

Carl Murphy U9’s Allstars Asst Manager Tel: 07513107774

Hi, my name is Carl Murphy and I am the Asst Manager of the U9’s Allstars.  I am married with three beautiful children and work for Williams Civil Engineering as a Digger Driver/Ground worker.  I have played football since a young lad and it has always been a passion for me, over the years I have done coaching for various teams, but having enjoyed playing more never really took coaching seriously until now!  Watching my Son Jayden achieve his dreams of playing football and been able to help him achieve this will feel more special now and the opportunity to coach will be great too.  I do still play football for the Adults Allstars who have also moved to Crewe Town FC,  and I love carp fishing as well.  I support Crewe Alexandra and have done since I was a youngster.  Been a family man I love spending time with my wife and kids.  Been a part of Crewe Town FC feels right now and upto now the vibes I get is that we have a bright future with them and I am looking forward to a great adventure with them.

Darren Cooper U9’s Coach Tel:


Hi, my name is Darren Cooper and I Coach the U9’s Allstars.