In Possession

– Accurately play out from the back.
– Teams to play possession based football, through the thirds.
– Players encouraged to be creative & clever with & without the ball.
– Recognise when to play forward & counter attack quickly.
– Understanding of how to change the tempo of the game (forwards, backwards and sideways

Out of Possession
– All players to be involved in winning the ball back.
– Teams to regain shape quickly.
– Players to provide & be aware of security at all times.
– Communication from back to front.

The Coaching Programme
1. All sessions should work from the coaching syllabus.
2. Coaches are to not be re-active & just work on what went wrong in the last game. If the same problem persists then address this accordingly.
3. Provide players with individual challenges/ tasks depending on whether they are struggling/ thriving within a session.  Remember every player is different!
4. Coaches choose which topic they work on each week, however it must relate to the theme for that block of sessions.
5. Each block consists of 3 sessions.
6. The u7-u9 syllabus consists of mostly individual techniques. 
7. The u10 plus syllabus has a mixture of individual techniques & tactical themes. This would increase dependent on age & ability.
8. Depending on age group & ability individual techniques can be practiced opposed or unopposed.
9. All themes link from one to another.
10. Although sessions are themed players will also be encouraged to use techniques learnt in previous sessions.
11. Give players homework each week. This could be to practice individual techniques or to read about/ watch football (relate to current theme).
12. U7-U9 is a 24 week syllabus. U10+ is a 30 week syllabus. 

Example session structure, whole-part-whole (based on a 60 minute session)
5 mins – arrival activity e.g. kick ups (can they beat their score each week)
5 mins – technical challenge e.g. skills/ ball mastery
2 mins –  introduction to session theme/ topic – focus for the session
10 mins – Whole = Match specific delivery which includes session topic. Coaching is done within a realistic match scenario
20 mins – Part = Specific attention to weekly theme e.g. possession. Providing repetition and practice in units or as individuals.
15 mins – Whole = Establish the key objectives from the previous game/ technical ‘part’. Allow free play, try not to interfere much. This is your chance to give lots of praise & reinforce session objectives. Give team & individual challenges.
3 mins – debrief recapping focus set out at the start of the session. Reinforce the learning objective. Ask the players questions, get their feedback. 

Coaching buzz words
Security – defensive cover/ support
Trust – pass to players in tight areas, trust them to keep possession
Share – pass the ball
Join in – forward runs to support the attack
Shape – team shape
Commit & Destroy – beat a player 1v1
Play Tag – create space

Coaching Syllabus (U7 – U9)
Theme:         Dribbling (weeks 1-3)
Topics:          Using different surfaces of the foot
                     Change of speed/ tempo
                     Dribbling skills (step-overs, sole rolls, scissors)
                     1v1 battles

Theme:         Turning (weeks 4-6)
Topics:          Change of direction & speed (different surfaces of foot)
                     Type of turns (scissors, Ronaldo chop, hook, cryuff, drag back) 
                     Receiving to turn, End product
Theme:         Running with the ball (weeks 7-9)
Topics:          Part of foot (laces)
                     Where/ when to run (forward, sideways, backwards)
                     End product
                     Scanning (looking)

Theme:         Passing (weeks 10-12)
Topics:          Range & type of pass (short/ long)
                     Different parts of foot
                     Passing angles
                     Passing with pressure

Theme:         Receiving/ Control (weeks 13-15)
Topics:          First touch (into space, away from defender)
                     Part of foot (inside, outside, laces, sole)
                     Body shape and end product
Theme:         Shooting (weeks 16-18)
Topics:          Part of foot 
                     Close range
                     Long range 
                     Opposed finishing 

Theme:         Shielding (weeks 19-21)
Topics:          Body shape/ angle
                     Ball protection (part of foot)
                     1v1 shielding           

Theme:         Introducing Defending (weeks 22-24)
Topics:          Pressing (closing down)
                     Delaying (jockeying)
                     Tackling type/ timing
                     MarkingCoaching syllabus (U10+)

Theme:         Ball Mastery (weeks 1-3)
Topics:          Dribbling skills
                     Turning skills
                     Playing under pressure
                     Forward runs with the ball (running with the ball)

Theme:         Pressing (weeks 4-6)
Topics:          1v1 pressing
                     Recognising when to press
                     Pressing in opponents half
                     Pressing in own half
                     Protecting key spaces

Theme:         Shielding (weeks 7-9)
Topics:          1v1 shielding techniques
                     Movement to receive
                     Runs in front/ beyond defenders

Theme          Tackling (weeks 10-12)
Topics:          Timing of tackle (when)
                     Type of tackle (slide/ block)
                     Awareness/ appreciation of what’s around (2nd defender)
                     Recovery runs

Theme:         Passing (weeks 13-15)
Topics:          Possession
                     Playing forward quickly (counter attack)
                     Combination play
                     Playing between the lines (between defenders)

Theme:         Intercepting (weeks 16-18)
Topics:          Reading the play
                     Timing of interception
                     body position in relation to opposition

Theme:         Receiving/ control (weeks 19-21)
Topics:          Receiving on front/ back foot 
                     Playing under pressure
                     Angles/ distances of supporting players
                     Player movement e.g. overlaps/ underlaps

Theme:         Marking (weeks 22-24)
Topics:          Ball or goal side
                     Players or space
                     Restricting space
                     Speed/ angle of approach to ball/ player

Theme:         Finishing (weeks 25-27)
Topics:          End product shot/ cross/ pass
                     Creativity & imagination in 1v1 situations
                     Taking risks in opposition half
                     Long/ close range finishing (with pressure)

Theme:         Defending in units (weeks 28-30)
Topics:          Pressure/ cover/ balance/ support
                     Preventing penetration (team shape)
                     Remaining compact
                     When to press, when to drop