Club DNA/Philosophy 2022

The Aims of Crewe Town Football Club are as follows:-

  • To encourage and promote the development of football within the community of Crewe and surrounding areas, with the emphasis on youth teams.
  • The Club will strive to provide an opportunity for players of any gender or orientation to participate in football from ages 6-14 years old.
  • The Club will seek to compete at the highest possible level.
  • We will endeavour to facilitate the provision of the best playing amenities and equipment to us in line with the growth of Grassroots football in Cheshire East.
  • We will ensure costs to individuals are kept as low as possible by engaging with our community partners and others in order to maintain sufficient funds to keep the Club functional.

We will achieve the above by:-

  • Encouraging the development of football at all levels with the emphasis on giving priority to local residents.
  • Developing and promoting the policy of equal opportunity where the best possible facilities are made available for all irrespective of race, age or gender.
  • Encouraging sportsmanship and fair competition.
  • Supporting the development of football, sports and community inclusion in general throughout the Crewe area.

We are committed to using sports based facilities to:-

  • Build young peoples self confidence, self esteem and self worth.
  • Develop team work and leadership skills.
  • Help young people discover purpose and develop vision.
  • Encourage respect for others.
  • Include young people of all abilities.
  • Develop a sense of fair play.
  • Enable young people to have fun.

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